Die Verbindung wurde abgebrochen” appeared – Special character are not allowed as station names. Can anybody help me? Danfoss FC board is also detecting but I dont know how to read and write parameter from the Danfoss board.. The following Master class 2 cards are currently supported from Siemens: Same problem I couldnt see any devices online The drive is in address – Which devices are connected to the bus, which plc etc.?

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I did as u said: Use your Siemens CP in auto mode, go to diagnosis andcheck your busparameters and the lifelist. No both are not connected at accon-netlink-usb compact. Are you sure settings accon-netllink-usb Prosave are ok? What do accon-netlink-usb compact get now?

Tomas Hi, Well what I accon-netlink-usb compact suggest is to try another cable. Please post you code. Tell me any other troubleshooting method. Or do you accon-netlink-jsb one and connect the other? Accon-netlink-usb compact is the error code?


If not, in which compacr do you get an error? What did you change? The drive-functions are only implemented for Sinamics and Micromaster. The PC connection is not the problem, I want to know the profibus connection.

USB adaptér ACCON NetLink USB Compact pro Simatic S7-200/-300/-400

Which devices are connected to the bus, accon-netlink-usb compact plc etc.? The PG socket integrated in the housing allows connection of additional devices. Furthermore, you can revoke your consent at any time without any compach accon-netlink-usb compact.

The latest version is available for download at no charge. The function result is success but none of the address are in online.

ACCON-NetLink-USB Compact

New version of prosave 9. I am trying to use Accon Netlink USB compact without siemens drivers to accon-netlink-usb compact profibus communication.

Danfoss “seems” to use this protocoll for driver accon-netlink-usb compact http: MCT10 accon-netlink-usb compact the Software for the drive but not the drive type!


But why it doesnt work only with ProSave? Which result do you get from this function? What version of Prosave do you use? Why Siemens dont make card for Express slot? Learn more about Cookies in our Privacy Policy. I think my drive search for Master And your informations are very rare.

accon-netlink-usb compact Same problem I couldnt see any devices online S, S, S Other devices can be work but accon-nnetlink-usb not a “Must”. The used adaptor must have the firmware V1.

What do you mean with accon-netlink-usb compact Even though the drive is showing in lifelist Hi, I have ocmpact the bus parameters properly and there is no termination problem. TIA Portal version check in setup removed.