Please refer to the below information: If the IP address is on Internet, you must configure the Gateway information correctly. I would like to access IP camera from internet via port Otherwise , the primary and secondary Wan connection will be unstable. How to configure the wireless connection in AirMedia? The quality of calls is great, comparable to normal calls from a land line. MINI and share wireless signal to other clients?

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The intruder will paint my IP camera and block it from recording. The temperature and humidity values appear to be incorrect? E-paper can be send up to multi-user the maxim to mails. How to setting motion detection function in IP cameras? Dripping water vertically falling drops shall have no harmful effect. USB and why the Linux driver doesn’t work?

For the IP cameras do not have built-in tampering detection function, and you need to use the software to fulfill this task. It would have been great if AirLive could have created a functional stand with a USB passthrough connection, so that skyphohe could charge the device, much like today’s wireless home phones.


Airlive skyphone 1000

You should be able to find your AirMax2 at After check above tips, the BT download will work fine. Live view in Local site is stable without loss connection, but cameras loss connection only when login in remote site via internet? Please upgrade our latest driver on our official website, we do have the WDS issue on our old version; make sure the MAC address is fill correctly; Domain, channel, WDS security are set the same with each other.

No live view in 9 or 16 division setup.

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Adjust the direction of antenna 4. MINI, but why the skyhpone is not good. How to create App for Dropbox? Please click on the link to see the upgrade steps. Click the pdf file. How long Skyphone could be used when full power?

How many Preset Point we can set? How to use Campro 64 with Win Vista and Win 7? You should be able to access the N. No, the device could not be charged by USB port.

Nonetheless, the Skyphone is a real no brainer and works like a charm. MINI to extend the coverage of my wireless network? The value of the signal level in the site survey window ,is it a percentage or dBm?


How to reset the device to default setting? If your model name is WLAP, it does not have emergency function. Please power on your device and wait two minutes.

Click here to download the installation guide. Water equivalent to 3mm rainfall per minute.

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If internet bandwidth is not enough, please lower the low bitrate’s bitrate or quaility to avoid it. Please refer to the user manual page 52 to change AirMax2 remote management port, and page 47 about virtual server setting. Why can’t I get into the web managementeven I press the reset button to reset WLAPv2 to factory default setting? In addition, the operating temperature range is between -5 to 55 degree Celsius.

How do 10000 connect N.

And for storing the video data, you might choose our NVR for recording.