It’s a possible heat accumulating area because of the floppy cable going over the CPU. No ratings or reviews yet. On every test or benchmark, the results point out-right towards the BX chipset. Though this board works well, performance is slacking and minor pauses may occur time to time. This is indeed very puzzling to me. The whole board is based upon the AOpen AX6BC-Pro and a bit of the older AX63 as physically all the layouts is the same and so are the offered features with only the chipsets that have been changed. Slot A Computer Motherboard.

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The URMs have been much improved than those found on older AOpen Slot-1 boards I presume that the newer ones are made by a 3rd party manufacturer as some other boards have the same design.

The floppy connector is placed right at the back of the Slot-1, the traditional place where AOpen places the floppy and power-supply connectors but at least the big power connector is moved up front but the floppy connector still remains there. Accessing the jumpers and components on the AX63 is fairly simple, the jumperless CPU setup of the AX63 does contribute to its ease of installation, as the clock multipliers and front side bus settings are controlled entirely from within the Chipset Features Setup in the Award BIOS setup.

Firstly, let me say that overclocking the Pentium II was very easy with this board. In addition, AOpen’s implementation of detecting temperatures jotherboard in comparison with other boards and high price. Although it’s labeled, it’s hard to see them within the case in one small corner. You may try routing the floppy cable below the motherboard.

Windows 98 2nd Edition.

AOpen AX63 Pro, Slot 1, Intel () Motherboard | eBay

Though setting up the board is easy with the use of the quick-start manual, it’s very irritating to find out of the motherboard features, its offerings and many meanings of the BIOS menu from the CD. If this is a board aimed at overclockers, what happened to the 3rd motherbowrd I think we will just have to wait and see.


It’s a possible heat accumulating area because of the floppy cable going over the CPU. The reason I use the word ‘truly’ is because there are some connectors located in front of the 5th PCI and 2nd ISA slots and depending whether you connect them or not, you’ll have access to use full length cards on them. Other than that difference, there is no way you could tell the AX63 apart from the BX based AX6BC other than looking at the printed model number on the board.

Here’s another snip from the PDF manual for a clearer picture of how this feature works: In every category, it is slower and especially in games because the design of motherboxrd AGP-bus or the accompanying drivers isn’t as refined as Intel’s. The xx63 of the rest of the AX63 is perfectly identical to that of the AX6BC, the majority of the empty space on the mainboard is taken up by capacitors that are strategically placed around components that are critical to stable operation of the motherboard.

AOpen AX63 Pro, Slot 1, Intel (91.87810.611) Motherboard

Instead of the standard green heatsink, there is a gold colored one unique to to AOpen’s pro line, which is mounted with thermal tape onto the chipset. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities. The board is tad bigger and spacious than many other BX motherboards of its category and the result is that most connectors are easily accessible without any hindrance.

Show More Show Less. But if you are dying to get your hands on a PC chipset with UDMA66 capability, then I guess this board moherboard something that you could consider.


The given Aopfn comes with these software: The results speak for themselves. To complete the package, AOpen includes their standard software bundle, which includes all of the latest driver files as well as a complementary copy of Norton AntiVirus for Windows ZD Winstone 99 Results Benchmark.

I thought the system hung but it was just a long delay.

AOpen AX63 Pro Apollo Pro 133 Slot-1 ATX

Maybe a newer BIOS or drivers could iron some kinks out. Unfortunately there has been a mothdrboard of quality Apollo Pro Plus solutions on the market, making the solution even more handicapped in addition to its lack of a large presence in the industry.

I’ve included here, the info from the manual: It is one of the most successful PC companies of Taiwan, which now is an International Corporation that sell PCs mostly made from their own components. No ratings or moherboard yet. Suspend to Disk feature was first introduced by AOpen and it’s still available in most of their current motherboards.

AX63 AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. This depends more on the video-card and cpu-speed. Do not compare newer ratings to older ones, the newer ratings are much more aggressive.

In this board, there is an adequate gap between the DIMM slots and the above mentioned connectors but in many other boards those same connectors are nearly flushed against the DIMM slots, causing inconvenience to use the 1st DIMM slot.