Hard drives are perhaps the only PC component category to successfully resist the trend towards flashy colors, blinking lights, and otherwise gaudy fashion accessories, which doesn’t make for a particularly interesting photo spread. SR presents results to readers through a percentile ranking system. Available only in larger capacities, the Barracuda We’ve been multitasking since the release of Windows 95 and with Moore’s Law comes a need for faster technology, and the bottleneck always seems to be the hard disk storage device. This is a above average serial ata hard drive.

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Scores on top are better. Samsung ZET Review. According to filtered and analyzed data collected from participating StorageReview.

Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.8 hard drive

Well, most importantly because it has been only recently implemented in consumer class desktop drives. Despite the Barracuda’s recent return to three-platter construction rather than the two-platter flagships delivered by the previous four generationsthe Average sustained transfer rate.

Seagate explained to us that they used various suppliers for their controller chips and that even though the chips are from different manufacturers, the drives are designed from the same specifications. Legacy Performance eTesting Lab’s WinBench 99 Disk WinMark tests are benchmarks that attempt to measure desktop performance through a rather dated recording of high-level applications.

Seagate Barracuda (GB, SATA) Overview – CNET

Further, it’s hard to overlook the impressive numbers that the drive’s predecessors have amassed in the SR Reliability Survey.

New Drivers  IPN2220 WPA2 DRIVER

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Drive specs Since the Barracuda By packing more data per platter than Seagate’s previous Barracuda You may also like. Legacy Performance Graphs in megabytes per second.

Seagate’s Barracuda hard drive – The Tech Report – Page 1

It should work well in any adequately-ventilated installation. Given the drive’s newness, higher areal density, and sheer capacity, one would at least expect the And that’s not even high definition content. But I don’t see average seek times benchmarked, as such. Heat and Noise Idle Noise – The sound pressure emitted from a drive measured at a distance of 18 millimeters.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

Show More Show Less. With PCs increasingly becoming entertainment hubs tasked with storing audio and video in the highest possible quality, gigabytes can get eaten up pretty quickly. The figures provided are net temperatures representing the difference between the batracuda drive temperature and ambient temperature.

Their quiet motor technology is said to produce very little sound, but Seagate’s specifications for the Those seeking a better balance when it comes to performance, however, should look 2700.8.

This SATA hard drive has a slim and tough low profile external construction of 2.

It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Log in Don’t have an account? I propose that if the review goes as far as to publish the purported AST, then it has an obligation to test it 72000.8 well, with a discrete benchmark, such as HDTach or some other explicit AST benchmark.


While some readers have reported an intermittent chirping noise of sorts from the drive, our sample exhibits no other sounds. So, on the one hand, the Seagate’s spec shows an AST of 8. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This test recreates Windows XP’s bootup from the initial bootstrap load all the way to initialization and loading of the following memory-resident utilities: Subjectively speaking, idle spin noise remains virtually nonexistent and remains inaudible over all but the quietest of system fans.

While the older The new Barracuda’s seek time is also half a millisecond faster, despite the fact that both drives spin at 7, RPM. Used Seagate Drive Not dependable Verified purchase: For the last few years, we have been hearing about more and more multithreading technologies like Intel’s HyperThreading CPUs and even more recently, Intel and AMD’s dual-core architecture.