The only thing is, when you say: Bring your network up in the following order: So downloaded from buffalo the 2. Create Partition Images Note: Otherwise, it’s an American Express warranty claim

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Gordon – Sonos wrote: Any idea of how to replace the drive if i do not have the old one?

LinkStation Pro | Buffalo Americas

For my drive I created all the separate partitions myself, and then cloned the first two from the old drive overwriting the empty partitions I had just created. Thanks for the input everyone. Share Tweet Share 1 Share whatsapp.

Any idea whats wrong? I recall this being the bugfalo procedure for a factory reset: All efforts to re-flash the firmware resulted in a “Linkstation not connected” error.

The only real down side is that we never learn exactly what the original problem was, however, really understanding the root problem might require tools, skills, and time that the user may not have. Reset the Linkstation by holding down the Init button for 30 seconds. Thanks for the suggestions If you have connected both, the old ls-2550gl, and the new drive to your computer, you need to skip this step.

If you haven’t yet changed the defaul password, we recommend that you buffapo it first thing you do after logging in. The drive can be connected to a wireless network by connecting it to a wireless access point, router, or bridge.


Upgrading the hard drive in the Buffalo Linkstation LS-GL (LS-Pro) NAS

See any errors on this page? You can even use the included backup software to schedule data backups to the attached USB 2. If you have one of the older Buffalo Linkstation Pro NAS drives pictured below and it is running out of space, you can simply upgrade the drive.

I wrote Buffalo about this a few days back, and no response. Be the first to review this item. I power off all my Sonos equipment and my computer.

BUFFALO LinkStation Pro Shared Network Storage LS-250GL – NAS server – 250 GB Series

All lights on the drive and ZP to which it is connected are normal green although the “Link” light on the drive is flickering regularly. If you have already changed the password use that instead.

If you want to do it more safely in case the system partition sizes are differentyou could clone the first two partitions first, then create the extended partition followed by the swap and the xfs data partition.

As soon as I find someone with a PC I’ll try flashing the firmware and try my luck one last time. You may also want to power down the Linkstation before continuing.

Try searching the first 6 of the MAC address on the following site to find out what those devices are: Does this method work on a link station D? Removed the xfs partition and created a new one with remaining space. In the meantime you may want to double check that you did the Linkstation Factory reset correctly.


Seems like the drive may have crapped out, but the network aspect of the drive bufffalo still functioning Share Data The Gigabit Ethernet interface allows you to easily integrate the drive into your network and share data without the need of purchasing an expensive server. No dice on the FW update on a PC. This process usually works for resetting any router to it’s factory setting.

BUFFALO LinkStation Pro Shared Network Storage LSGL – NAS server – GB Overview – CNET

I tried manually changing the IP address via NASNavigator, and it recognizes no passwords, even the default after the reset. Sonos One reading Kindle books icon 1 year ago. My recommended solution is similar to Buzz’ but I reset the Linkstation then turn off.