This is not a recommended pratice since it will require to run xine as root, but you may give it a try if you want: The Xv video-out plugin fails to compile! If all this doesn’t help, maybe you’re missing an audio codec or you found a bug. But chances are that only one is broken and the other works, so you should try them both first, since they are the most accurate. The font for text subtitles is selected via config option subtitles. The situation with real files and streams is pretty similar to the situation with Quicktime Streams see above. Another way to get the Real codecs is to download them from the MPlayer website http:

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Normal OSD would be blended at x and then scaled to full screen lets say, xresulting in big and ugly fonts.

The configuration described was tested using a Soundblaster live 5. See the xine Hackers’ Guide, chapter 3, “How to contribute”.

The following settings worked fine for me I don’t use the analog outputs of the card:. You just need to run something like:.

What about ac3 output via spdif to an external ac3 decoder? Possibly the file uses some obscure proprietary format and no information is available on how to decode it. The package is called “essential”. Where can I find pre-compiled binaries, e.

New Drivers  JIL 1731 DRIVER

This gives higher-level troubleshooting. The support is also limited to a couple of graphics cards only. Another way to get the Real codecs is to download them from the MPlayer website http: Please note that if you are using the ide-scsi emulation on your system, it is likely that your DVD drive got mapped to a scsi device node even though it is an ide drive. Have a look at http: This points to a problem with the Xv extension, which is used by xine to display the video image.

This method uses a X11 extension called XShape that allows using screen resolution instead of stream resolution. While the container format system layer ASF wmv is just an alias is fully supported in xine, for newer windows media 9 based streams you’ll need to install windows binary codecs.

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

Now start up xine and choose DVB from the menu. Find More Posts by uglydot. What’s the aim and scope of this text? If you are using xine-lib version 1-rc3 or newer, this is probably due buggy XV drivers that do not support unscaled OSD the XShape extension properly.

Xine – LinuxTVWiki

Or you suspend the aRts daemon by checking the xjne option in your aRts control. Please be aware that the number of region code changes in RPC-2 drives is limited usually about 5 timesafter that your drive will stay locked to the region you last set it up for.


You have to start with xine-lib. The values are percent values, so a slider setting of means that xine will double the volume of silent parts of the movie loud parts stay the same.

xine(1) – Linux man page

Unfortunately most codecs like MPEG2 use a subsampled image format YV12 that makes properly blending an interesting challenge. To use raw devices, first connect a free raw device to your dvd device, use something like:. First, make sure that the “devscripts” package is installed. The other method is to make xine use ESD for audio output with:. You can find build and installation instructions here.

the xine project – FAQ list

Merging is easier with Mercurial and, for that matter, git ; and we can commit changes locally, change them if mistakes have been made, then make them public whenever we’re ready. Usually this is not xine’s fault: Debian packages may be downloaded via apt from Debian’s official repository. BB code is On.