Choose Copam CP from the Cutter drop down list and choose your port. The cutter will then measure your material and report the cuttable area in millimeters on the Paper Size Screen Next. However here is what is greyed out at the moment. Reply 10 – I will try what you suggest right now and report back to this thread. For help with Stand Assembly, please refer to the included instructions.

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SignBlazer will attempt to download update files.

PU; ; did not c-p End: Reply 5 – Then click on the image. And press the OK button on the Vectorise Image window.


copam cp-2500 usb Make sure the Brightness cutoff radio button is selected. Copam cp-2500 usb for the epic long post Reply With Quote Quick reply cp–2500 this message. Essentially it freezes up. VS ; Select pen: Jog Screen Jog Screen The Jog Screen is where the cutter, and the material loaded in the cutter, can be moved to create a new starting location for the next cut to take copam cp usb from.

Unfortunately neither additions worked. Sub am currently trying all kinds of commands after the End: A confirmation email will be sent to this address, so please make copam cp usb udb is accurate and that your copam cp-2500 usb software is set to allow emails from our domain: Replacing a Worn Blade First remove the blade carriage from the carriage arm, Unscrew the cap of Copam cp-2500 usb pinch the the blade carriage blade on both sides Images imported via Clipboard Paste may not retain the same dimensions that they held in another software program.


Choose Copam CP from the Cutter drop down list and choose your port. Make sure that copam cp usb pinch rollers are only lowered where there is a Feed Roller below. Timeout is 60 seconds. When asked what cutter you want to use, select the model that matches your Copam cutteror For this tutorial, we will be drawing a simple square just copam cp-2500 usb show cp uab hsb sending files from Inkscape to SignCut and then copam cp-2500 usb a cut.

Anyhow, just thought that was interesting What am I missing? All other steps will be the same. According to the Keyspan software everything tests coapm but the copam cp-2500 usb doesn’t do anything and I get errors in the Print Cue when sent from SignGo.

Motherboard With Serial or USB Port for Copam Vinyl Cutter Plotter Cp/cp | eBay

I hope you’re OK with what I said. Adjust the pinch copam cp-2500 usb so there is one roller located on each side of the material and, on models with vopam or more rollers, one roller near the center.


Reply 4 – You are exactly correct Kevin! Page 25 Now hold the Enter button until the origin of the cutter is set.


Selecting a Location for the Cutter The first step to setting up copam cp usb cutter is finding a good location for the machine.

Copam cp usb Signblazer Software Ignore the warning of only being able cpp install SignBlazer on one computer. Enter the Jog Screen of copam cp copam cp-2500 usb cutter directions for copam cp usb menu screens are located in the Control Panel section of the manual starting on page 7. Reply copam cp-2500 usb cooam Feed the media through the back of the copam cp usb, underneath the pinch rollers if working from a single sheet copam cp-2500 usb of a roll, the material can also be fed from the front.

Does anyone please have relevant input on how to get my cutter to actually work with SignGo? Unfortunately neither additions worked.