Same as 1 with programmed and free entered price and automatically next sale of a linked item. Programming the name and the price of an item 1. The number entered for alternative currency should be not less than the amount outstanding, calculated in this currency. When the alphabet selected is “Latin” – ABC , the “C” letter can be chosen by 8 pressing the key three times. With this key immediately after an item is accumulated a VOID cancellation of that sale is performed. In this case it is not allowed to edit the name, the PLU code and the tax group for this item.

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Short report of the fiscal memory for period determined by date to date.

About We have been around for 28 years and counting. The value entered before pressing some of these keys ddatecs accepted as a price.

Datecs MPB ESTONIA Manuals

Click here to sign up. When the field 7 of table 2 is set to 1, the turnovers and quantities of items, departments and item groups are also cleared. In order to program the price move to the next field by pressing the key ; 9.

Item parameters This table consist rows – as is the maximal items number. The correct communication baud rate must be prior given into PGM1 mode, table 3 field 8. The consecutively pressing of that key will cause consecutively cancellation of all sales in the receipt. Print a number Default: From any state the ECR can be switched off emergency by simultaneously pressing the keys: C Annuls all digits entered before a functional key pressing. With programmed or free entered price 2: Alpha-numeric LCD, 2 lines x 16 characters.


MM 3 Year From 00 to 99 Default: The position of the decimal point always is fixed and can not be programmed when the price field is changed. Enter the price; Note: For DPD can be programmed and displayed and printed only the first 18 symbols of the rows of table 6. After the fields are modified, in order datfcs clock-calendar to be actualized, it is needed the key “PLC” to be pressed, than a confirmation dialog appears. After each symbol entered, the cursor will moving on the right.

When this field is printed, the spaces, included into the field are ignored. Ratecs editing a symbol field, the symbols are chosen by consecutively pressing a key, and if the key remain un-pressed for a given time – this will cause the cursor to move automatically on the next position on the display this is made in a similar way as when editing text in a mobile phone.



By consecutively pressing the key PLU, the appropriate alphabet can be chosen – Cyrillic, Latin or digits only. Disabled between the receipts 1: Each row has 1 field which contains up to 42 symbols.

First is entered the amount, which the customer gave.

Datecs MP-55B ESTONIA Manuals

Skip to main content. The parameters which can be programmed in this mode are summarized in tables 1 – 8.

The turnovers for the departments and item groups are printed. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, mechanical, electrical or electronic without the prior written permission of Datecs Ltd. When this table is programmed on the upper display row are shown the first 16 characters from the item name, stored on the current table row. This will cause alarm signal to be produced and error message “C” to be shown on the display. A dialog message appears: Each row consist 11 fields.

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When the choice is made a payment is performed.