How to setup CryptArchiver Win Passwords must be between eight and sixteen characters and contain at least one uppercase, lowercase, and numeric character. For fixed drives, you must determine the size of the drive prior to creating it because its size cannot be modified later. Why does this happen? How do I start using CryptArchiver? If you lose your password, you must reset your device.

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I forgot my password — how do I retrieve my files? To reset, you must input a wrong password eight consecutive times. After resetting the flash drive, you must go through the setup procedure to begin using the DiskGO Secure Flash Drive again.

As an increased security measure, the DiskGO Secure Pro requires strong passwords that adhere to the following: Automatic drives encrypt data at a slower pace in comparison to fixed drives, however. What is the proper procedure for exiting the CryptArchiver software?

For example, if you create an automatic drive and place 50MB worth of data into it, the drive will be 50MB in size.

Expand All Collapse All. Fixed droves take longer to create, but are faster at edgge data.

How do I start using CryptArchiver? I cannot store files 4GB and large on my flash drive — why is this? Automatic vaults take no time to create while fixed drives require some time to set up before use the larger the vault size, the longer it takes to create.


If you lose your password, you must reset your device. If you delete 10MB worth of that data, the drive will be 40MB in size. This ensures that your data is encrypted properly.

diskGO® C2 and diskGO® Secure C2 USB Flash Drive

We recommend automatic drives for encrypting small amounts of data such as WORD or EXCEL filesand fixed drives for encrypting large amounts of data such as videos or other media. If encrypting data using an automatic drive is taking too long, try creating a fixed drive instead.

If using a complex or hard to remember password, we recommend writing your password down and storing it in a safe place. Where is my encrypted data stored?

Using CryptArchiver, you will have to load your encrypted drive each dege you run the application.

What operating ciskgo support DiskGO flash drives? What operating systems support DiskGO flash drives? To disconnect, simply unplug the flash drive when it is not active when the activity light is not blinking. In order to maintain a high level of security, CryptArchiver does not offer any password hints.

It is not possible to store unencrypted files to this device. Click on Load Driveselect the file you wish to load from the dropdown menu, and input your password.


Automatic drives expand and decrease in size as you add and delete data.

If you remove your flash drive while an encrypted drive is loaded, you are running the risk of your data within that drive becoming corrupt. This file actually stores all of the data that you copy into the encrypted drive. This file system is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, but does not allow for individual files of edgge or larger to be stored on the device.

There are no hints or back doors available to retrieve a lost password. Why does this happen?

What if I forget my password in CryptArchiver? When you copy files into this drive, the files are stored and encrypted within the. If you create a fixed drive at MB and place 50MB worth of data into it, the size of the drive will remain MB regardless of what data you add or delete from it.