This allows the instrument to be used not only for in-vehicle measurements, but also in a wide range of other testing locations. Detection on all 16 analog channels is available with OR conditions. How do I download the latest software? The Edge Search counts rising and falling edges in the captured data. Six digital signal processing DSP channels have been added. This feature is useful for automatically and reliably saving data e.

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Single-Cycle Mode In this mode, the DL determines a cycle, then calculates items pertaining to the voltage axis and surface area in that cycle.

Showing Results for Yokogawa DL750

You can also specify the results of a calculation as a parameter in another formula. Data Capture Download screen images periodically or manually. The measurement signal is evaluated and a specified action is performed automatically scopecorded on the determination. With this feature, a trigger can be executed whenever you like, separate from the preset trigger conditions. HistoryBase — the high-performance software database solution.


In addition, a user-determined scale value can be defined for any two measurement points, P1 and P2.

Become a FlexPro expert. Software for measurement-related applications. Optimize your workflow, improve the efficiency of your measurement data analysis process. Now you can get the free data viewer for your specific device!

Try FlexPro on your measured data analysis projects. The results of this calculation are displayed in cursor measurement values and waveform parameter measurement values. The FlexPro Community — user information available to you.

DL | Electro-Meters

To meet this challenge, the DL offers the DualCapture function. Download FlexPro and try the full-featured version free for 30 days without obligation. This results in higher efficiency and significantly lower power consumption. Search Edge Search and Zoom: Find your local reseller of FlexPro and other Weisang products. Download the current FlexPro release now! Four AA batteries are required for memory backup. Noch keinen Wartungsvertrag abgeschlossen? Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt: This makes it easier to manage and analyze data using PCs and other tools.

This lets you check needed data immediately when preparing a report. Discover our measurement technology software: Intuitive operation, the latest analysis procedures at the highest level of performance. Backup time varies according to the usage environment. Our Support at a Glance. In addition, you can instantaneously search for the cycle containing the maximum value and display it on the zoom screen.


In addition, the GUI menu makes setting trigger conditions easy and intuitive. Try FlexPro For Free.

Take advantage of your FlexPro maintenance subscription and contact the Weisang engineers directly. Quickly find the right data for fast analysis and visualization.

The DSP channels enable you to perform math and digital filtering in real-time while acquiring waveforms. In addition to general parameter measurement functions, the DL comes standard with functions such as the following: