Therefore you also have to disconnect the unit to change its sample rate. Regret is the optical minijack the toslink would have been more convenient. J register with Harmand kardon amp via the analog numrique as a warrior and I can ‘one rsultat I don’ t dare call L even if the purists will say it is better q’il are billions of possibilities that s’ open with such a tool in my configuration. It’s better to disable all other USB devices if possible when you use the unit to avoid any problems. Sort by most recent most useful. I wouldn’t buy it again, although it’s ok to record high-level sources.

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Plastic and assembly are really Camelott, but for 89 Esirol The latency isn’t the best, but even with more expensive USB interfaces you won’t get better results when working with a DAW. The analog RCA input is bridged with the mic input and there is no input selector nor a separate control for each, so if you want to record a high level signal you get tons of noise, even without a mic.

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Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. It is also wise to configure Windows so that it gives priority to background tasks and to disable all graphic effects, etc. I wouldn’t buy it again, although it’s ok to ush high-level sources. I remake the same choice again. Not satisfied with those reviews?


They advertise the soundcard emphasizing its sound quality and proclaiming that it allows you to enhance the poor audio capabilities of the laptop’s integrated soundcard Log in Become a member.

Regret is the optical minijack the toslink would have been more convenient. What I like most: The RCA outputs deliver a good sound definition, especially at 96 kHz where the soundcard really excels. ussb

Go with a Firewire for that. You have a knob to set the level. Its audik tag is very appealing. I use it to get in and out of my digital laptop USE No pb installation, including windows mdia edition Once you try to reduce this value you’ll start to have serious problems.

The user’s manual is ok. Request a new review.

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To use that I ‘did electronic music ‘ s effective trs. I hsiter remake that choice without a second. The lowest latency with Logic is 9 ms, which is barely ok for real-time applications. It’s better to disable all other USB devices if possible when you use the inyerface to avoid any problems.

I’m happy with being able to get in and out 24Bits. You have to close the software, disconnect the audio interface, switch the jumper to eddirol play position and relaunch the software!!! I don’t like the fact that you have to set the sampling rate before you turn on the computer or plug the audio interface. Its ok for the money, but choose another product if you have the means to do so. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


The audio interface is quite comprehensive and it is one of the few models in this price range that provides digital inputs and outputs. What I like least: The sound of the headphone output is very bad, especially at loud volumes, the signal has no dynamics and you can hear distortion intedface the low-mid range.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Hence it is important to set the level of the source correctly for recording. The setting is very easy.

The output of my Acer laptop sounds much better!!