The ergonomics of the screen are impressive, with a good height, tilt, pivot and rotate function available. Manual, downloads, specs and register. The uniformity of the F sample was not too bad overall. It’s a compromise that gives you the best of both worlds! The panel itself actually uses a 6-bit colour depth with frame rate control Hi-FRC to produce the This seemed to make the image a little lighter and warmer compared with our calibrated custom mode.

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Cyber Monday deals you can still get: Good panel uniformity and no backlight leakage could vary.

Samsung SyncMaster F2380 – LCD monitor – 23″ Series

This may also account for the presence of a fair degree of motion blur samsujg this screen, even when the response time control is turned up to its fastest setting.

We recorded the screens luminance and black depth at various OSD brightness settings, and calculated the contrast ratio from there.

After calibration, where we had adjusted the brightness control and therefore the backlight intensity, this was reduced to You can also set the color tone to Cool, Normal, Warm, or Custom, letting you change the red, green, and blue attributes individually. Also, the F has one of the best contrast ratios we’ve seen.

The transitions are very saamsung using DCR though samsuhg so when viewing movies for instance, the brightness does appear to make sudden and quite drastic changes. Compatible with Windows 7.


Samsung SyncMaster F inch Widescreen LCD Review –

Solve the issue yourself with this step-by-step guide aamsung diagnosing and resolving problems with your device. A very good result indeed. Professional grade monitors like the NEC PA series also offer other high end features which separate them from some of these other models, including extended internal processing, 3D LUT’s and hardware calibration.

The default colour accuracy of the F was quite comparable to some of the 23″ IPS models we have tested, including the Dell UH 2. The control buttons make a nice click sound when pressed, and the white LED power status light makes it easy to tell when the monitor is on.

In practice, we found the F’s brightness level a tad lower than we prefer, especially when viewing games or Web sites with a lot of color. There is no cable tidy featured on this model which is a shame. If you do like this kind of technology then at least it is available.

Although gamma mode 2 and 3 had returned a better default gamma reading, they had introduced progressively more banding across gradients. Compare These Samsung CF Front view of the screen. The F might be ok for some moderate gaming but those wanting to play fast FPS may want to f280 elsewhere, perhaps at some of the modern Hz TN Film models zamsung super fast response times and support for fps frame rates and 3D content.

I would recommend using the ‘fastest’ samsujg time setting in the OSD menu.


To overcome this, Samsung introduced DCC-II technology later on, which improved all response times including the troublesome black to grey transition to under 8ms G2G.

The screen weighs 6. It can also be put to work in an office environment, there’s enough room to have a pair of windows open side by side say, an Excel spreadsheet and a Word document. Product Weight With Stand Weight of the monitor, as measured in pounds lb.

Figure b above desmontrates the change made by the liquid crystals in changing from state 1 to state 2, and then re-orientating to the desired state 3. The stand and base are also a black colour. Contrast ratio – we aim for as high as possible. This probably offers a more than adequate set up for most normal users without the need for expensive calibration equipment.

The options here are shown above. The Samsung RZ remains our champion in this test. Movies on the F looked great thanks to the display’s high contrast ratio, exhibited by its very deep blacks. You must then press ‘source’ which will enter you into damsung menu and give you control over these options. A word of warning: