For the price and if the shaft fits your swing, I would fully recommend it. Golfsmith Graphite shaft epoxy, BTW. I’m getting a set of irons re-shafted tomorrow and want to play with them Saturday morning. When you insert the shaft, put a small piece of fishing line between the hosel and shaft. Registering is free and easy!

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Lepage quick set epoxy works but make sure you mix it well and use JVincen’ts trick. Let it sit for a few hours to a day. That’s a nice looking shaft bud, let us know how you get on with it.

This thread is days old. That includes fitting, btw!

I will be sure to ask the installer how long the epoxy cure time is to be safe. All the way around. Mind where the NBP and S rshaft are if you spine-aligned. Here are some pics to share and I’ll update again after I’ve got some swings in.

How long after reshafting before hitting driver?

I didn’t end up re-shafting through Ping and went the aftermarket route. Has driver head tech improved anything in the last 8 years? It seems like a lot to get your shop “started up”. Why you reckon you don;t need a vice to re-grip clubs, ualtim?


Originally Posted by Hacker.

New driver or reshaft – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

This is what you want. For one shaft, make about a nickel-sized “pile” of epoxy.

Please login or Register. Put the double-sided grip tape on about halfway around, peel the excess off, then push down the rest of the tape. Hitting the Driver By northern33 in forum Instruction.

How long should you really wait for epoxy to cure

Unless of course you feel like paying for a fitting and then who knows how much for an aftermarket shaft? We’d love to have you! Take the clubhead and push it on.

Will overnight be enough? Here is the link.

Take the tape measure and measure 2″ up from the tip and mark it with your marker. Should i just try to find a used shaft of something that fits me or just buy a new setup completely.

How long do you need to let shafts sit after a reshaft?

Posted July 7, Register a new account. I was thinking a ping i20 but if I can get away with just reshafting I will. Adam PettmanApr 18, Now, if you want to get your clubs “custom fit” you can most likely dynamically fit yourself.


The last was on my D this spring. Sandpaper to abraid the tips of the shaft so that they will accept and adhere to the epoxy beltsander simplifies but is not required. ScottyApr 16, Take the 48″ ruler and measure how long each of the clubs are, in the address position, before rexhaft do anything else.