Thanks so much for your time. Removed old driver and downloaded latest XP compatible driver from HP. Dear Bert, That seems to have corrected the issue. Text still seems to be okay in plain mode. If I experience a skip one or more missing dashes in the first step of cartridge alignment, I will generally try to press the cartridge for better contact. The bad news is that when I went to print out, the left-right corruption was much worse. When I plug it in, and turn it on, the lights start blinking, All connections seem to be fine.

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Your guidance is very much welcome.

Widows Doesn’t Recognize HP Deskjet c Printer – Microsoft Community

I look inside the printer where the service station is and do see a lot of gummed ink. Thank you for any help, Alfred. The rows are 2 mm apart vertically and the dots are spaced 1 mm apart horizontally.

Ink, man, what ink! There is a “well” on the right side with a sponge to absorb excess ink.

Then soak a strip in distilled water, lightly wrap it over the plastic strip, and gently slide the filter paper along it to remove the ink front and back sides of the strip. This website is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation,nor claim any such implied or direct affiliation.


I have several HPC printers in the office and the only thing that ever seems to go wrong is the belt that moves the ink cartridges back and forth. And, with the power button on, when you open the cover, the ink carriage is supposed to move to the center, and it does not do that either.

If need be, you can physically nest the print head into the right side of the printer if it doesn’t automatically do this for you.

I had too download from another place to get the driver and the printer eventually worked, with out some features. Test the cartridges in another printer, if possible, dp the same settings.

ST, Thanks for the reply. Thursday, July 8, 1: What your computer guy did is a mystery.

It will not print from Word or Excel. Eger on May 16, at 5: Up want to confirm or offer another suggestion? I’ve went thru the troubleshooter at HP and Windows. Exactly where do we stand at this point in my being able to successfully use the HPC on my new system?

HP Deskjet 722c

Auto Select or Color Printing H Does anyone have any suggestions. After finishing the installment, I made sure the belt was installed correctly by pulling it back and forth to move the ink carriage, and it worked. Eger on May 28, at 2: Any chance that the embedded XP driver is the culprit? Click on the crossed tools near my name. When I plug it in, and turn it 72c, the lights start blinking, All connections seem to be fine.


This is the message I got: If I take the cartridges out the holder will move from side to side. All mechanical Belts ext seem to xxp in tacts Printer was working fine. Newton’s law of motion says that something in motion will tend to stay that way and I’ve seen at least one high speed printer that delighted in spewing its workload all over the floor. I did clean everything I could, but I forgot to lubricate it. The problem seemed to start about the time I installed a new hard drive.

Alternatively, I could call you, Stephen, and let you hear it over the phone. In doing this, I looked for depressions indicating contact. 7222c