Select the Data Replication folder in the navigation pane. Thin Provisioning will allocate storage when you needs it—minimizing wasted space Reduced Total Cost of Ownership The unique virtual architecture of the P EVA allows up to twice the normal effective capacity utilization of traditionally architected storage offerings. Starting with XCS 1 , fan failures are reported. HP Virtual Connect Ent Disk group occupancy allocation notification received on non-thin provisioned virtual disks After expanding or shrinking a virtual disk, if the action exceeds the occupancy alarm level setting either warning or critical , you may receive notification from P Command View events and Insight Remote Support notifications.

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Fixed issue in which a management server configured with a single path to the array can result in a dual controller termination if the path is lost TEC: There are no visible paths to the destination array.

HP warranty and support features:. P Command View software also provides improved security that would allow you to take advantage of user defined domain groups and local groups. Modified the device side recovery routine to prevent instability on one link from affecting the other link.

HP EVA P6000 User Manual: Installing The Mpio Feature For Windows Server 2008

Hp p enterprise virtual array release notes xcsmarch 14 pages. Fixed an issue where the disk enclosure power supply windowe was set incorrectly, causing excessive power supply status messages to be logged. With built in virtualization, the P EVA is designed to improve capacity utilization and be easy to manage, which lowers the cost of ownership compared to traditional arrays.


With the 1 22003 software release, any members of a Continuous Access DR group that are not directly impacted by a disk group meltdown will be usable after being removed from the affected DR group and after the associated DR group is deleted.

HP Virtual Connect Ent XCS 1 This document contains information specific to the release of XCS 1which applies to the following array models: Turn on power from the rack PDU. Fixed issue where event 0x09e0b70e is falsely generated for wimdows disks that are not thin provisioned during a shrink or expand process: P Command View simplifies all the administration tasks by providing a centralized view of EVA storage via a single management console.

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Additional Support Services HP offers an addition set of support services to fit you p63300 needs. This feature enables maximum support flexibility, while minimizing unit down time. 6p300 it, continue to print. If, after setting this feature, you remove the management module from its slot and reinsert it to reset power or you restart the management module from the HP P Control Panel, only the controllers will automatically boot up after a full shutdown.

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The disabled path is re-instated after the next multipath polling interval. When the Data Replication Properties Folder window opens in the content pane, select View remote connections.

Fixed an issue where performance metrics reported by the firmware are calculated incorrectly. In this scenario, you must ensure that the disk enclosures are powered up first; otherwise, the controller boot up process may be interrupted.

New Drivers  DRIVER: ROCKETRAID 2314

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The controllers in the P provide a great deal of flexibly as well as redundancy. The P EVA is a 5 th generation array which means it takes advantage of everything that worked best with the previous generations.

Turn off power from the rack power distribution unit PDU. Thin Provisioning HP P Thin Provisioning software provides a host with virtual capacity volumes, allocating just-enough actual area in the volume from a pool of physical capacity and just-in-time for a write request from the host.

HP P Thin Provisioning software provides a host with virtual capacity volumes, allocating just-enough actual area in the volume from 2003 pool of physical capacity and just-in-time for a write request from the host. Hp p enterprise virtual array disk drive firmware supportapril 8 pages.

Select Set Data Replication Protocol. Page of Go. A recursive termination will require manual intervention to address. Fixed issue in which inconsistent DR merge or log data caused a storage system crash. Stale Inquiry data issue after SSD firmware upgrade After upgrading disk drive firmware on solid state disk drives, HP P Command View may indicate that the upgrade was successful, but the disk drive properties page does not reflect the upgraded firmware version.

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