Step 1 2 Operation and description From the window of Contacts Manager, you can select the source position and the aim position for the importing. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Missed calls items. Hello Subeesh, I just checked, the link is working. Up to message reports can be stored in the Reports. After pulling out the data card antenna, do not wobble it at will.

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Do not allow children to use your wireless device without guidance. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. When the Inbox is full and a new message is coming, the earliest message in the Inbox is removed automatically to the Trash.

Reports The Reports contains all the message reports you have received. Do not use your wireless device while driving. Quick flash A call is coming; or data transmission is doing in the case of data service. carv

Managing the Items in the Contacts Click on displayed. If there are any missed calls, the number will blink. You can also mute your voice so that the person you are talking to cannot hear you even though the line is still active.

Excellent post Aviraj, keep up the good work. Forwarding Messages You can forward messages received in the Inbox. Maximum Data Rate During the actual installation, if any step differs from what is described here, please follow the specific installation instructions.


By default, the EC will save the number of this selected item to the Mobile column in the Contacts. IF two or more telephone numbers are contained in the item you select, the Select Phone Number window is displayed and you are prompted to select one number. Fresh Graduate Software Engineers. When the ring for dqta incoming mobilw sounds, you can press the control key to answer the call; When the ring for an incoming call sounds, you can press and hold the control key to reject it; Huawe a call, you can press and hold the control key to end the call.

Removing Messages You can remove the messages in the Draft.

When the screen is being initialized and in minimized status: Switch your wireless device off near medical devices.

You should never rely solely on the wireless daa for essential communications. Removing the EC If you want to remove the EC from the computer, please do it after having stopped it through the hardware removing feature provided by Windows.

Huawei EC Unlock 3G USB Modem

Once a sound file is selected, it plays on the earphone of data card whenever a new message comes. After a mobille appears indicating that the connection is set up, click on or start the Explorer on your computer, and then you can access the Internet. When this box is full and another report is coming in, the earliest report in this box is removed automatically.


This function needs to be supported dats the network. The above data of volume statistic is for your reference only. Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Missed calls items. The wireless device is not water-resistant. Otherwise, the antenna might be damaged and cannot receive network signals due to strong impacts.

Huawei EC321 Unlock 3G USB Modem

Error occurs to the re-imported files if the exported files have been modified. Up to messages can be stored in this box.

When a Message is received, no Prompting Window Appears. Supplementary Services The EC data card supports the following supplementary services: By default, the EC will save the number of this item to the Mobile column in the Contacts.