This part can be skipped if you don’t want the glowing aspect you could even desolder the LED. These mice came in two colours: For an anatomy analysis we’ll use the standard ScrollPoint III the general design is the same across all models–however the ScrollPoint I may be different. I haven’t seen such a stylish IBM product before and probably never will again. The ScrollPoint mechanism is mounted on the same PCB as the buttons and is slid on two three-pin standoffs standard pitch between the pins. The colour is actually very subtle, but the metallic black really has an edge with the glitter in the injection plastic. It’s practically brand new since I only used it a few times.

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Here you can get 5 of them for 80 cents each. B for faster cursor response.

IBM ScrollPoint (31P7405) Mouse

Other colours can be used as well, however not all will mix well with the IBM blue transluscent caps. The next important thing is that the Slate Blue ScrollPoints do have a slightly slower cursor seems to be firmware-related BUT they are able to work with transparent surfaces glass, clear plastic, etc. No mechanical ball to get dusty, dirty or stolen. Here is the good and the bad of this mouse.

IBM ScrollPoint Pro (31P8700) Mouse

It can only be obtained used or NOS at this point imb forward. These ones featured an optical sensor and a glowing ScrollPoint mechanism. There’s some regular Scrollpoints in ivory on eBay right now. I’m sure there’s a way to get degree scrolling to work though. I miss the Lavender. Lenovo only manufactures the standard black issue ones. Please login or register.

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They discontinued the more elaborate Mousd III Pro Model 31P as pictured above inpresumably due to the cost of manufacture and little demand. From what I can gather the slate blue ScrollPoints came out first and the metallic black ones came out after with some changes.

[] IBM Scrollpoint Pro for sale • deskthority

I’d probably pay more for a Scrollpoint Pro, but not that much. One of the latches is broken, and I was told by the person dumping it that the motherboard on it is fried.

The firmware which controls the ScrollPoint mechanism is flashed onto these Cypress microcontrollers. I got one of these for the scroll point and USB to do a hack on a trackball.

Some minor changes need to be done, either the tabs on the optical base or the older silver top need to be cut. Lot of 5 scrollpoint mice on ebay. This however is incorrect, all ScrollPoint mice use the same resistive mechanism and all cite the same patent.

Lenovo no im manufactures any ScrollPoint mice anymore so they’re now officially dead. The LED is mounted facing just behind the same– it can be swapped out for any desired colour. This really gives the ScrollPoint a unique colour and helps keep with the theme a lot better.

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IBM ScrollPoint Pro (31P) Mouse | eBay

Fortunately you can remove the button assembly albeit it’s not easy and correct the problem on earlier mice. Flashing the controller will require desoldering the Cyprus microcontroller and adding a socket; relatively easy if you have soldering equipment.

I’m surprised there’s little information about the “scrollpoint pro” mouse. Make ,ouse there is no excess glue to make the buttons taller in height than they were originally: I am not sure if the sensor will pick scrollpointt up, but it should; and if it does, you’ll have a more intuitive mouse able to hit more surface variations. Sun, 07 March I have a few comments about the revision differences.

But the thing about the Scrollpoint Pro is that it’s actually the sort of mouse I’d use, not a strange curio. Get off my lawn!

I will at some point try swapping the ICs to determine which one is responsible for the behaviour change.