But Kodak only rates it for shots, which is surprisingly below average. Noise is noticeably worse at ISO with detail beginning to blur and colors beginning to fade. Although the yellow begonia, shot in direct sun, is mysteriously underexposed. The instant review is good for that, of course, and recent graduates from camphone school will use that almost as much as a mirror to see what they and their friends look like. You can add video bookmarks to skip to interesting places in a movie and you can make a grid of 4, 9, or 16 images from video frames. You can change your settings at any time.

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Kodak EasyShare Printer Docks optional With the printer dock, you can easily print real Kodak borderless 4″x6″ 10×15 cm photos in less than 2 minutes and it prints with or without a computer. It isn’t bad f803 to annoy you, but it isn’t smooth, either.

It looks larger than it actually is.

Advanced Video Features The EasyShare V can record digitzl VGA video x 30 fps with sound while using less memory compared to oter digital cameras kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera MPEG-4 compression, you can then view your videos, print multiple frames, Save single frames and e-mail video clips or stills to family and friends. But Kodak only rates it for shots, which is surprisingly below average.


Kodak EasyShare V Digital Camera (Cosmic Blue) B&H

With ISO available, I tried my doll shots. You can also customize the V camera with on-camera settings, including the Favorites feature. I also like the Kodak V’s weight.

I thought those days were over. See any errors on this page?

When the V is powered down the lens is vamera retracted into the camera body and the built-in lens cover slides back into place. No starter card is included, but the V provides 32 MB of on-board image storage.


Compact Point-and-shoot Digital Camera. I do like the control layout, though.

Apart from the saturation, there’s no help with slow shutter speeds. Trade In Your Gear for Cash. Kodak claims a fully charged KLIC holds enough juice for exposures. What’s not just right is the Power button.

Kodak EasyShare V803/V1003 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

The Printer Dock also transfers pictures and charges battery koeak like the Camera Dock. Beaded straps, clutches, purses. V interfaces include USB 2. The V seems intended for casual shooting. Most users will have no difficulty using the V right out kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera the box.

I’d have really liked a switch. The calla lily faired much better, but it was shot in the shade.


Underexposed at EV 0. The other problem control for me is the joystick. Minimum focusing distance in Macro mode is 2. What color are you?

Kodak Easyshare V803 Digital Camera Full Review

I counted only six steps in the zoom range from wide-angle to telephoto. The V provides only very basic in-camera image adjustment options, including: You have to hold the camera very still in low light.

Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak, Sony, Pentax, and Panasonic relentlessly field new models and the competition for consumer digicam dollars is ferocious. An ordinary camera by any measure, the kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera brick is smoothed into soft, rounded corners with chrome accents. The Kodak V includes user-friendly functions such as in-camera digital red-eye removal, a blurry picture warning, and a new “Maintain Settings” menu that lets the user store their zlom settings such as kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera, white balance, ISO, and resolution for use each time the camera is powered on.

Buy a second battery before you spring for the beads.