The printer was trouble free when controlled from a range of standard photo editing Photoshop, Picasa as well as office Word, PowerPoint applications, with changes to paper size and type recognized easily by the driver. Besides seeming mildly cobbled together, the bigger problem with this solution is that heavy papers that tend to stick together i. We also encountered several paper jams–enough to where we found ourselves constantly monitoring our tests to watch for error. Currently 0 out of 10 Stars. Log in or create a user account to rate.

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The perforated scanner cover adds an elegant touch and kodak esp5 printer smaller footprint 6. The PC version of the software took more than 12 minutes to fully unpack onto the kodak esp5 printer drive from the CD, and the progress bar was prone to ominously hanging up for minutes at a time.

When you raise the cover to reveal the ink bay, a thin plastic arm pops up and braces the cover, similar to the hood of a car. prinrer

Both times were significantly slower than the second time claimed by Kodak for this printer. Along the same lines, the Kodak is capable of borderless photo printing at sizes up to 8. The lid looks nice from the top down, but proves to be particularly flimsy when lifted — flopping ungracefully out kodak esp5 printer the way when fully raised. Most priner the jams are caused by the small plastic guide that’s supposed to align the paper according to its size, koodak most of the time its tiny reach results in bunched up, misfed bundles of paper.

The few controls provided include the same quality and colour settings as the ESP 5 offers for kodak esp5 printer plus a range of size settings that correspond with popular photo and document sizes. Of the adjustment tools provided in the software, the red-eye correction function was kodak esp5 printer unsuccessful, largely because you couldn’t give it a target area to prlnter on.


Printing from a Kodak esp5 printer Before printing from a computer, you must remove any Kodak software previously installed the required EasyShare AiO Clear software can be downloaded from Kodak’s website. The My Resource Center and Order supplies pages are essentially marketing tools, the former providing simple tips plus links to special offers from Kodak. On the right side of the top panel is the kodak esp5 printer centre with a 3-inch lift-up LCD.

Printhead one year from purchase with proof of purchase or 13 months from date of manufacture. Also, the koodak on top of the scanner kodak esp5 printer folds on a fixed hinge that doesn’t reach over thicker items like large books. Occasional kodak esp5 printer may be happy with prints from the ESP 5 but this printer will not suit serious photographers. Once again, we refused the offer, having already spent enough time loading the software.

Kodak ESP 5 Printer Review

There kodak esp5 printer also separate feed trays for snapshot and A4 paper in the older machine. The review printer had problems loading single sheets of paper in both snapshot and A4 sizes and both document and Kodak’s Priner Premium Photo Paper.

The ESP-5 is run through a simple menu system, which devotes one page to copying and scanning and two pages to direct printing.

Direct Printing Using the ESP-5 for direct printing is straightforward; you simply plug the card into the relevant slot kodak esp5 printer connect the camera via a USB cable.

The scanning center is a little too simplified and lacks an option to scan directly to a PDF or an e-mail; both kodak esp5 printer almost an industry standard and we’re disappointed to see that Kodak let these two crucial features fall by the wayside. Visit manufacturer site for details.

The Canon MG is a fast, easy-to-use printer with plenty of attractive features This rod appears inelegant and insubstantial and you kodak esp5 printer to fold it back in place koeak lowering the scanner section. A PictBridge socket is provided on the lower front panel for direct printing from digital cameras.


Package Contents System Requirements.

Nevertheless, the ESP-5 is clearly targeted at price-driven snapshooters kodak esp5 printer want a multi-function printer that is cheap, easy to use and reasonably versatile. Review Sections Review Okdak. Kodak ESP 5 review: It was only when we ran the calibration routine and discovered nothing was printed on the test sheet that we realised the kodak esp5 printer weren’t installed properly. Keep up with the latest photography news, reviews, tips, gallery photos, kodak esp5 printer new ways to inspire your photography.

Prepping the ESP 5 for print is a straightforward process, and Kodak provides a plainly worded, graphics-heavy guide for getting the printhead and cartridges installed correctly. Those with serious printing aspirations will find all of this helpfulness more of a hindrance, often doing more to get in the way of complex printer controls profiling work, for instance than to make it more accessible.

Kodak ESP-5 All-in-One Printer – Photo Review

By comparison, the background white noise levels in our office were well under 40 dB. The printer industry has slowly started to steer more toward photo printers with five individual color ink cartridges for less waste, but the ESP5 kodak esp5 printer retains the standard-size ink cartridge bay: The printer priter trouble free when controlled from a range of standard photo editing Photoshop, Picasa as kodak esp5 printer as office Word, Wsp5 applications, with changes to paper size and type recognized easily by the driver.

We checked No on this screen.