I don’t use amp, since I connect headhpones to the pedal and get the sound from my pc and my bass through them, so I hear it loud while playing, but when I hear the recorded track, the bass is almost impossible to hear. I will eventually pick one up if there is enough improvement over the xt. However, for best results, use the pod for what it is, an amp simulator, not a sound card. I’m using Gearbox as a standalone and as a VST plugin. Bogdan Radovic View Member Profile. Can it replace a conventional interface?

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I dont think the MIDI can be used like you suggested. Also in Gearbox there is a level knob at the top to send more signal.


All speakers, as Ivan lin, will add a degree of ‘colour’ to the overall sound. I know this is not a new topic, but I’m getting tried of trying to record with my POD X3 Live and being unable to do it. Stockholm, Sweden Member No.: I might wanna get something else then MickeM View Member Profile.

DigiDis Max Output Level: Hi, thanks for your feedback. You can use the X3 Live as your audio interface – no need for another one. Hope this helps, ask if you have any further questions down the road!

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Makes the delay really delayed, etc.


Who is using a POD X3 (live) as an audio interface?

Cables are often underrated category, and they usually pull out more money from the budget then planned, so planning cable expenses in advance can mean a lot when buying new gear. But I guess I have to try miking the amp also and see how it sounds better. Belgrade, Serbia Member No.: I’m looking for an audio interface, and I have been considering some firewire interfaces, but the POD also looks interesting.

Get a new sound card, something firewire based, and hook your pod up to that as your preamp and fx unit. Fester and MadChiken get honors for sticking it out with me – thanks fellas.

Playing On Computer Via X3 Live

You can use a small mixer to connect everything that makes sound lie it via their audio outs computer, POD, all else and use the main outs of the mixer to connect your monitors. Also, you can capture wet and dry simultaneously and and the Pod Farm 1 plug-in post processing.

Then from the control panel set audio to X3 Live for recording and playback. Mar 16 I’m clueless to al this stuff, it sucks. I’m actually a transexual white lesbian from Kansas, but I like to dress up as an the only person more unusual than me – a conservative black man.

Give it a try, and I hope you are as fortunate as I have been since going down this road a couple of days ago. Active studio monitor speakers however are designed to add as little ‘colour’, to be as neutral, as possible.


Best way to Record with Pod x3 live – POD X3 – Line 6 Community

Have you ever tried using the X3 with a mic and miking an amp? I’d like to use the digital signal from the USB cable? Ivan Milenkovic View Member Profile.

I don’t know if I am just lucky, or something I ready about USB devices the XT playing well with others – but I can’t detect any timing issues at all, using both devices at the same time. Hi ZippoTragedy you may have already done this, but incase you havent may i suggest that as well as posting this question here you should also post it in the Line6 user forums Send a private message to ZippoTragedy.

It’s a no brainer as far as getting guitar sounds into the computer, and modifying them afterward. You can record direct using the X3 Live amp models with your guitar connected to the X3 Live.