If you have problems with sound speed runs too quickly , try to play with different rate values e. Can be used for adding, removing, routing and copying audio channels. The x and y specifications are in pixels measured from the top-left of the screen to the top-left of the image being displayed, however if a percentage sign is given after the argument it turns the value into a percentage of the screen size in that direction. For example, -softvol-max would allow the volume to be adjusted up to twice its original level. The right front channel 1 is moved to the right rear channel 3: During playback not during recording , in order to prevent stuttering and error messages such as ‘Your system is too slow’ it is advisable to add. These options set various parameters of the radio capture module.

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Median deinterlacing filter that deinterlaces the given block by applying a median filter to every second line. The purpose of this video output driver kplayer to have a simple lossless image writer to use without any external library.

qt – Mplayer in slave mode – multiple instances – Stack Overflow

The center channel goes into both output channels with half volume: There are two versions of DGA: This option will be a good candidate to put in your configuration file see the manual page for details. Another common operation is to duplicate the front channels and play them back on the rear speakers of a quadraphonic setup.


Does not work as a config-file option. This is automatically enabled when – is found on the command line. I don’t want to compete with X11 team in graphics mode switching.

History (boring)

The ground are the fifth, sixth, seventh, and fifteenth 5, 6, 7, 15 pins. See the man page for a description of TV options and keyboard controls.

Skips decoding of frames completely. These are in mode 2 form 1 format, so they store more data per sector at the loss of some error correction. Needs one additional texture unit. Give the demuxer name as printed by out;ut help.

mplayer – movie player for linux

DGA1 provides only direct framebuffer access as described above. You’ll need a kernel with tdfxfb support, and recompile with. If you don’t know what Blinkenlights or its successor Arcade are, find it out. Current mplayer command I’m running, from CLI, is: Specify additional parameters when decoding with Xvid.

Unfortunately, using this video output causes video playback to be too slow. If it fails, there will be no subtitles.

Super Video CD compatible stream outpuy The size of your movie on disk is the bitrate times the length of the movie in time, plus a small amount of “overhead” see the section on the AVI container for instance. PWojnar 61 1 6.


Must be equal to or larger than 1 default: You need to uotput this option if you have tearing issues or unsmooth motions watching interlaced film material. With a two pass encode, the first pass will rip the movie as though it were CBR, but it will keep a log of properties for each frame. This tells the GUI to also use an X11 window and stick itself to the bottom of the video, which is useful to embed a mini-GUI in a browser with the MPlayer plugin for instance.

This option is not suitable to only set the startup screen because it will always display on the given screen in fullscreen mode-geometry is the best that is available for that purpose currently. Some drivers can’t use low pixelclocks that are needed for low resolution video modes.

If you want to further guard against strange frame skips and duplication, you can use both -mc 0 and -noskip. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.

Xvideo Motion Compensation vidix: See Skins at the download page. Audio filters allow you to modify the audio stream and its properties.