Orndorff earned a shot at the North American champion The Grappler but on the day of the match he overslept storyline and was incensed when his replacement Jake “The Snake” Roberts beat the Grappler for the title. In , he made his debut for the WWF, portraying a narcissistic bad guy and was part of the main event of the first ever WrestleMania show. He would later team up with WWF’s top name, Hulk Hogan , leading to a storyline where Orndorff turned on Hogan and the two had a high-profile feud. Retrieved June 7, He has a nephew Terry Orndorff Jr. Both times, Orndorff’s reigns were short and were ended by Ladd. T backed by Jimmy Snuka taking on “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff in the main event with Bob Orton, Jr , as Piper and Orndorff’s manager Orton’s interference at the end of the match backfired when he accidentally hit Orndorff with the cast on his arm, allowing Hogan to pin Orndorff and win the match for his team.

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BB code is On. Ordorff did use a piledriver as a finisher in the s.

One incident especially stands out that established Pretty Wonderful in the title chase. Their half-year-long feud is piledrivfr of the most notable and profitable feuds in the history of pro wrestling. Register – Forgot Password. During the match, Roma acted very indifferent to his tag team partner, sowing the seeds to his heel turn. Wrestlecrap — the very worst of pro wrestling. During his time away from wrestling he was actually reported to have died; the story made several newspapers.


Paul Orndorff

I think the whole verboten nature of a piledriver in Memphis has me recalling Lawer’s as particularly vicious, but that is probably just my memories as a child kicking in.

Have a Nice Day: When Studd and Bundy started to double team Hogan, Orndorff did not help out; he looked like he had hurt his eye in the collision. Once the match restarted, Hogan easily exited the cage to win the match following a leg drop[17] ending their feud.

Early in the match, Rude eliminated Orndorff with a roll-up. After reviewing the footage it ornforff decided that it was a draw and the match was restarted.

Orndorff suffered an arm injury during the time and retired for a number of years before returning inworking primarily for WCW.

Hulk Hogan Says Just Say No to the Piledriver

You can see how loyal he is. The referee, Charles Robinson stopped the match as a result. After the feud with Cactus cooled off, “Mr. Inhe made his debut for the WWF, portraying a narcissistic bad guy and was part of the main event of the first ever WrestleMania show.

Hulk Hogan Says Just Say No to the Piledriver

This time they wrestled without their manager and were officially known as “Pretty Wonderful”. Orndoff beat Tim Horner [26] and Robert Gibson [26] in the preliminary rounds to advance to the finals of the tournament.

The Dudes backed Sting in his fight with the Four Horsemen. Main pwul — WWE in the raging 80s 4th ed. It was something he had worked through as best he could but by the end of he was forced to retire and started to work as a trainer and a road agent for WCW. The champions retained, [39] but a week later the championship changed hands when Stars and Stripes got the victory.


The “wild card” status was a blow to Orndoff’s ego storylinecausing him to attack several wrestlers including Hector Guerrerowhom he defeated in piledriveer “wild card” match to earn a spot in the tournament. Brooks beat Orndorff with the help of a chair and won the title only to turn around and give it to Zbyszko. It is too wonserful this move is outlawed these days, it was a devastating manuever, especially when Paul Orndorff did it.

Wonderful more or less piledirver started feuding with “Dr. Foley’s sprang to mind.

Hogan has since apologized for the comments and WWE appears to be slowly warming back up toward the Hulkster and putting him on the payroll once again. Orndorff signed with the World Wrestling Federation in late and made his debut in November of that year on Championship Wrestling.

After a controversial double pin finish, Stars and Stripes were declared the winners and thus the champions, [41] putting the end to Pretty Wonderful’s second and final run with the gold. Anyways, always enjoyed Bret’s orndogff years later when WWE shows started to be available in my country. Under the tutelage of manager Masked Assassinthe team quickly began to work well together in a feud with Marcus Alexander Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio.