So nothing revolutionary, though the thought of a dual-laser engine is cool but it has definite potential. The OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse at first looks like most any other mouse in the market and the form factor of it definitely isn’t anything different from what we have seen. Aside from the two primary ones and the scroll wheel, there are two buttons on the left size and the orange Triple Threat button. Found a bad link? Because this is the mobile version that does not mean it is only good for use on the road though, if you prefer a smaller mouse, nothing is preventing you from using this at home.

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Para visualizar a sua lista de desejos, acesse o menu Minha Conta Lista de Desejos. Contato por e-mail Contato ocz equalizer telefone. The two primary buttons have a crisp click ocz equalizer them and while narrow are easy to click accurately.

On the equalizet side, below the two side buttons is ocz equalizer rubber, textured area which allows the users thumb to grip the side of the mouse. Buyers should make sure to check that they are buying the desktop version of the mouse, ocz equalizer they equallzer they want something small or need a mobile gaming mouse.

Cadastre seu e-mail e receba novidades e ofertas exclusivas! One of the special features that the Equalizer has is a Triple-Threat button which should fire three shots in rapid succession, ocz equalizer that the button should function as a double-click button in standard Windows applications. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Download What’s New Quick Specs.


OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review – Hardware Secrets

Despite the size the mouse packs in 7 buttons. Gamers can fire three times with just one click making ocz equalizer easier than ever to hit the target and gain a competitive advantage. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This ocz equalizer uses cookies.

Thanks to a dual laser ocz equalizer and extremely responsive sensor array, equalizzer OCZ Equalizer promotes pinpoint accuracy and precision and enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces, including glass tabletops. Instead of focusing on producing a laser sensor that interprets the surface correctly companies tend to focus on raising the DPI limit of the sensor, resulting in laser sensors being lousy at tracking high acceleration movements.

The product in question is the Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse. Ocz equalizer the same time, the ingenious Triple Threat button turns double-click operations, such as opening files and ocz equalizer, into just one-touch commands. Each equalizwr the other mice mentioned are wireless, something the makes them ocz equalizer portable, but may frighten off gamers who are scared about latency though that is largely a problem of the past. Designed to give gamers an extra edge, the Equalizer features quality ergonomics and advanced features so ocz equalizer can excel in even the most demanding games.

The size issue only holds true for the mobile version, but both are highly sensitive due to the laser engine.

It does help out if rapid firing is needed or a double-click triggers a special function and because it should work under all conditions, ocz equalizer when simply doing work or browsing the web. When using the mouse I was especially happy with the sensitivity adjustment.

It is ocz equalizer designed, properly layed out, and has a features that their competition should be on the lookout for.

OCZ Equalizer Gaming Mouse Review | TechPowerUp

I have tried my fair share of laser ocz equalizer and it is my impression that the ever lasting hunt for DPI has ruined the potential of good gaming grade laser mice. The downside is that if you want to go down in sensitivity you have to scroll through the higher ones but this is often quicker than having a dedicated down and up ocz equalizer.

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Here we see both the larger and smaller OCZ Equalizer mice — they look nearly identical. The mobile ocz equalizer cuts the size of the mouse down considerably and when compared to a standard mouse the Equalizer is quite diminutive.

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review – The Triple Threat

ocz equalizer However, the pistols and similar items were MUCH more effective when using the triple threat button to fire as it allows you to get three shots off faster while aiming than you could clicking the mouse separately. Visualize seus ocz equalizer pedidos Crie sua lista de desejos Rastreie seu pedido Informe-se sobre sua garantia.

This angle shot shows the two thumb buttons that are typically used as forward and equalozer button in windows, the clear scroll wheel that lights up as well as the ocz equalizer just behind it the small black one that is used to switch between DPI settings.

The manufacturer no longer offers support equalizfr drivers. Found a bad link? Home Reviews Occz Forums. The OCZ Equalizer provides six DPI sensitivity levels and allows gamers to ocz equalizer transition between each setting in the midst of a battle with a conveniently placed button.