The MiFi’s major down side is that it only has three or four hours of active battery life. Virgin Mobile’s new, quite excellent service plans. Using it for just a couple of hours per day means I don’t need to charge it every night. The Best Laptops of Customers will continue to have access to Broadband2Go service but maximum speeds may be limited to kilobits per second or below for the remainder of the monthly plan cycle.

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MiFi 2200 (Virgin Mobile)

When the signal strength is good, this works very well indeed. IttyBittyBender, February 7, The name says it all – “Broadband2Go”, “Mobile Wifi”. The VirginMobile version of MiFi does exactly what it promises: I’ve had this for 10 days.

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MiFi Virgin Mobile Wireless 3g Cellular WiFi Hotspot Broadband 2 Go | eBay

I’m not sure if I’d want to run it in my pocket. View All 5 Photos in Gallery. Virgin Mobile’s new, quite excellent service plans. Will migi for itself.

HP Chromebook 11, Had a minor problem with sign-up, but that was because I mistyped my MSID into the setup wizard so it was my fault.


Virgin MiFi – Works Great. You should buy this if you want to have an internet connection “on the road”. I can’t get either of the above mentioned internet services and my satellite internet experience was not a positive one.

This is a 3G based solution which is the same technology that’s been driving the iPhone’s data since It’s slow, but you wouldn’t expect 3G to be especially fast. In my first 24 hours with the product, I carried the device and my 4g iPod Touch around with me and it was pretty much like having an iPhone without the phone – it was great. According to Virgin, there is no data cap on the service, but the carrier reserves the right to lower your speed for “unreasonable” usage. It’s not cheap, but not too expensive either.

I don’t think I ever lost signal, even as I was walking through the pedway in downtown Chicago which is notorious for killing cell phone signals. The download speed is consistently around kpbs which is about times faster than “old school” dial up.

Hands on: Virgin Mobile’s prepaid MiFi –

The Best PC Games. The portable nobile WiFi hotspot that was such a hit before a bunch a phones started to include the same feature?


The “ping” time is always about ms on my macBook and ms on my iPod touch.

Since 4 LEDs cost almost nothing, perhaps they will fix this on the next iteration. As Virgin Mobile uses Sprint’s network, that review also holds for Virgin’s product, with one exception: In NYC I was able to get speeds of 1. Today Virgin Mobile dropped the following bomb on its customers: This miFi is totally awesome for what it is.

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I don’t know if I would recommend it for streaming, though. Virgin Mobile’s MiFi is one of the most versatile mobile hotspots on the market today, combined with an absolutely terrific service plan. The prepaid MiFi might look cooler than the standard model, but they work just like one another.

I often go to Dallas and Houston from San Antonio. I regularly get download speeds over 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9.